Exel Carbon fibre tubes


We offer a large variety of options in light weight carbon fibre tubes, all coming with very thin wall.
All our tubes offer high stiffness and high strength.
Tube structure is always designed according to your specific need and tubes are produced and according to order.

We use continuous manufacturing processes: pultrusion and pullwinding.
Compared to traditional pultrusion, pullwinding process enables an accurate control of the crosswise and longitudinal fibres and thus properties of the final product by adjusting the amount of lengthwise and crosswise fibres.

  • Exel ExeliteTM

     Exel ExeliteTM is a range of standard carbon fibre tubes with plain surface. 
     Typical wall thickness: 1 mm or more.
     See technical data sheet


  • Exel UltraliteTM

    Exel UltraliteTM is a range of carbon fibre tubes with high compression strength. 
    Typical wall thickness: 0,90 mm or more.
    Fabric surface.
    See technical data sheet

  • Exel CrossliteTM

    Exel CrossliteTM is a range of carbon fibre tubes with cross-directional fibres at the surface. 
    Typical wall thickness: 1 mm or more.
    Attractive surface.
    See technical data sheet
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