Exel support structures for localizer supports and GP towers

Frangible ILS glide path towers and localizer antenna supports


Composite glide path towers


Our ILS glide path composite towers are built to the same standards as our approach lighting masts.


They are engineered to be extremely ridged, yet meet all frangibility requirements, such as those listed in Aerodrome design manual part 6 (ADM6).


The towers are delivered in 5-meter-tall sections, and can be erected to a total height of 15 meters.


Our tower deliveries make installation simple. We include the anchor bolts and template for drilling the bolt holes, the tower sub-assemblies, antenna brackets for vertical and horizontal antenna position adjustments, cable conduits, ladder and safety rails, and the obstruction lighting.


Our fiberglass towers are transparent to electromagnetic transmissions.


Composite frangible localizer system supports


We design and manufacturer composite support structure systems for localizer antennas.


The supports are delivered ready to install, and include the bolts and bolt-hole template, adapter flange for the antenna, cable conduits, and spacer adjustments to correct for small foundation deviations.


We are happy to provide (upon request) stability and foundation load calculations, when needed.

Testing frangibility

This video explains more about our frangibility tests and range of frangible composite solutions.

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