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Camouflage Support Poles

Exel Camouflage support poles are available as one section pole until six section poles with the height up to 9 meters. The tube diameters available are 23, 30, 37, 44, 51 and 58 mm. The material typically used is glass fibre, but we also utilize carbon fibre, whenever required

Exel support poles are equipped with special ground feet, spreaders, rubber neck and rigging possibilities.

Spreader and Rubber neck are the most essential parts of the Exel camouflage net support poles. They enable the camouflage system to be shaped suitably to the nature and surrounding terrain without leaving any sharp angles and exposing shades.

Special ground foot is planned to grip on many different types of soil from concrete to soft sand.

Step on spring helps to hoist the pole and tighten the net. It has three positions: transportation mode, soft soil position and hard soil position. Through the ring you can also fix the foot on place with ground spike (optional equipment).

Guy ring (optional) makes it possible to guy the pole if found necessary. This may be required in very hard wind conditions or in some special camouflage systems or when the camouflaged objective is very sensitive.

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