Superior material properties

Superior product features

Composites are always a sum of multiple properties. Good thermal and mechanical properties make glassfibre profiles an ideal choice for window and door applications.
Material can be coated and design possibilities are unlimited.

Thermal properties

  • Glassfibre is an excellent insulator that makes it a natural choice for energy efficient windows and doors
  • Composites have similar expansion rate than glass which enables tight structures without leaking problems
  • Due to good thermal properties the risk of condensated water running into the structure is minimized

Mechanical Properties

  • In addition to insulation properties, glass fibre profiles have high stiffness and strength. This enables design of simple structures that withstand high wind loads
  • Glassfibre profiles' high abrasion resistant and strong structure give profiles long and nearly maintenance free life time.

Other Properties

Corrosion and chemical resistance.
Not only durable against corrosion but composites are an ideal material for high corrodive atmospheres like swimming halls and other aggressive environments.

Composites are through their composition a natural sound aborber. 


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The new legistlation drives the change to high efficiency windows
The new legistlation drives the change to high efficiency windows
Unlimited design options
Unlimited design options
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