System 30 Lightweight Structures

Build your own structures

We developed a system of composite 30 mm diameter tubes and connectors that can be used to frame light weight structures, such as car ports, store displays, etc.

We have developed a set of standard sized composite poles and connectors that can be combined together and used to build light weight structures.

Simply select the tubes and connectors to match your desired structure size, assemble and cover with your choice of materials.

Designed for outdoor and indoor use, the corrosion resistant composite tubes withstand the UV and weather and are impact resistant.

Our customers use System 30 components to build structures to cover boats and cars, to make promotional displays and stands, or store kiosks.


Built using glass-reinforced composites, the tubes have a non-woven outer layer, with a smooth exterior surface.


Made from injection-molded plastic, and with optional polyamide or polypropylene reinforcements, the 2 or 3-tube connectors give you the flexibly to design and easily build a wide variety of structures.




See all connectors in System 30 datasheet
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