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Exel Composites has the capability to produce pre-preg tubes ranging in diameter from five-200mm.This tubing can be produced in a variety of lengths up to a maximum single length of 4.6 metres. Tubes can be joined to form longer lengths utilising either external sleeving or internal spigots.

Pre-Preg Molding

This particular form of composite fabrication begins with the pre-impregnation (pre-preg) of reinforcement materials with a resin or binder. The combining of these two materials occurs prior to the moulding process and therefore enables a very accurate reinforcement to resin ration to be achieved. Pre-preg materials are used extensively in the aerospace industry due to their ability to maximise strength-to-weight ratios.

Pre-pregs are pliable and therefore able to be cut into various shapes or patterns prior to processing into the moulded products.

The moulding process involves rolling these pre-preg patterns around a tapered or parallel steel mandrel. Other simple shapes are available (ie flat sheet). The mandrel forms the internal shape of the moulding. A flexible outer mould is achieved by wrapping the moulded product with a polypropylene or nylon tape prior to heat curing. Heat curing gives a permanent hard, cross linked composite product.

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Benefits of Pre-Preg moulding

The benefits offered by pre-preg moulding are:

♦ Exceptional tensile strength properties

♦ Excellent ‘flexural strength’ properties

♦ Superior compression characteristics 

♦ Superior corrosion/chemical  resistance

♦ Consistent reinforcement-to-resin ratios

♦ High strength-to-weight ratios

♦ 1/4 the weight of steel or brass (approx.)

♦ 3/4 the weight of aluminium (approx.)

♦ Strong lightweight parallel or tapered tube

♦ 'Short run’ capability due to low tooling costs

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