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Composite tubes offer light weight versatility combined with stiffness & strength for a wide range of applications. As the largest manufacturer of composite tubes, our products are used across industrial, commercial, and residential applications.

To support the many uses for tubes, we engineer and manufacture our tubes with different composite fibers, constructions, and surface finish options. This ensures our tubes competitively meet a wide range of material specifications. We use fiberglass, carbon fiber, and a hybrid mix of both carbon and glass fibers in our products.

Manufacturing expertise

Our global pullwinding and pultrusion manufacturing expertise and capacity allow us to meet the high-volume manufacturing needs of our customers. With pullwinding we can align fibers on an angle (up to 90 degrees) to improve strength. This is done inside the tube to keep the external surface smooth. Our expertise in pultrusion enables us to continuously produce thin-walled tubes, with a wall thickness of less than one millimeter.

Three reasons to choose composite tubes

1. Light weight with high stiffness & strength

2. Corrosion resistance & great mechanical properties

3. Low lifetime costs, durability with low maintenance needs

Customize your finish

We provide options to help you use the tubes more efficiently and faster. We can paint the tubes and print use laser or ink-jet printing to apply your logo or desired text. If you have questions or special requests just let us know.

Our tube portfolio



                  Round Tubes       
Used in countless applications, our round tubes are available in fiberglass, carbon fiber, or a hybrid of both.

Choose from our standard diameters, from 4mm to 300mm, or contact us about your special request.

Tubes technical data sheet

                                    Profile Tubes


                      Conical Tubes

These tapered tubes are used in applications such as telecommunications, masts and walking and ski poles. We manufacturer both fiberglass or carbon fiber tubes with standard sizes from 4.5mm to 47mm (outside diameter).

                      Pre-Preg Tubes

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