Exel Frangible Masts and Towers - LIR Towers

Frangible masts and towers for approach lighting


We design and manufacture many frangible support structure solutions for approach lighting systems.


These include poles for single lights, lattice masts for single and multiple lights, and even extra tall masts (up to 35 meters high).


We deliver the products painted with standard aviation colors, such as aviation yellow and FAA-orange.


Our lighting systems come as complete, ready to install systems that include everything you need, from the foundation bolts to the cable conduit that leads to the lights.


With our detailed installation guide your team will have clear instructions that will help you erect the structures as efficiently as possible.


We know a lot of engineering goes into the lighting design. We make sure that you get the support you need to make your project go smoothly; from project design to the foundation load calculations to the pre-installation instructions.


Key features


Compliance: our structures are fully compliant with ICAO and FAA frangibility requirements.


UV protection: sun damage over time adds to maintenance costs. Our composite solutions resist the damage prolonged exposure to UV light has on structures.


Easy-access design: we provide the option for a hinged structure that allows you to tilt the tower (from the base, or half-way up the tower) to provide easy access to the lighting systems.


This eliminates the need to bring additional ladders or lifts into the work zone, and improves people safety.


Low maintenance: our composites resist rot, corrosion, and guard against UV damage.


They have a very low coefficient of thermal expansion and do not swell or contract in extreme heat and cold.


Our structures can be easily painted, and will withstand the harshest of weather conditions.

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