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Composites for airport structures

Every airport requires a range of systems to be used with the airport’s operational area.


These include systems such as approach lights, glide path systems, weather equipment, anemometers, ILS equipment, and radar systems.


Some of these systems are installed on masts, others may be on their own structure or surrounded with a fence.


Aviation regulations, such as those defined by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), and the US Federal Aviation Administration, may vary around the world; however, the core frangibility and electromagnetic transparency requirements are common for many regions.


Our experience in composite science and manufacturing ensure that our designs and manufactured products meet these requirements.  


Pioneering safe structures for over 15 years


We began to pioneer frangible airport structures over 15 years ago, and today we are the world leader in frangible support structures and work with airport customers around the world to design, manufacturer and deliver composite solutions.


We combine our materials science expertise and manufacturing technology to design and manufacturer frangible structures that absorb as little energy as possible, and break, crumple, or collapse in the event of an accident, with minimal interfere to the aircraft’s path.


Composite benefits: low mass with strength


The lower the mass of a structure, the less energy it will absorb in the event of an accident.


Our composites provide the strength required to perform the function, at lower mass than when traditional materials are used.


Our composites also are resistant to corrosion and effects from harsh weather conditions, reducing life time maintenance costs.


Additionally, our solutions include designs that are transparent to electromagnetic waves.


Testing frangibility

This video documents a frangibility test we conducted on our lighting pole and lattice tower.

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