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Truck and trailer profiles

Our composites help reduce truck and trailer weight as well as maintenance costs. They are lighter than similar metal parts, and because they can integrate multiple parts into one piece, reduce total part count and installation complexity.


We co-design with you and select the best performing composites based on your specifications.


We work with transportation customers around the world, and our composite parts and profiles are used both internally and externally on vehicles.


Key areas where our composites are used include:


  • Flooring
  • Side panels
  • Structural elements
  • Side racks
  • Body and door framework
  • External capping
  • Internal trim
  • Insulated panels
  • Panel stiffeners
  • Trim and scuff strips


Composite advantages include:

  • Larger size capacity: with our manufacturing technology we can produce composite products in widths greater than one meter, in very long lengths.
  • Integrate multiple parts into one: with design flexibility and our manufacturing technology, we can combine what traditionally would be multiple parts into a single composite product.
  • Corrosion free: composites will not oxidize or rust, and withstand contact with harsh road and weather conditions (such as salt and chemicals).
  • Thermally stable: not only do composites provide insulation properties, they have a very low coefficient of thermal expansion and retain their shape in both extreme heat and cold.
  • Less weight: when compared to similar components made of metals, our composite products offer considerable weight savings yet maintain structural and mechanical requirements.
  • Easy to install, easy to paint: our composites may be attached with standard adhesives to vehicle frames, and are easy to paint.
  • Dent and deformation resistant: based on the application, we can recommend composites which that will absorb impact and spring back to shape.



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