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Bus and coach profiles

Busses and coaches are designed for long operational lives. Composite products help reduce lifetime operational and maintenance costs. Because composites offer a lower weight than metal products, they help make the vehicle lighter, and save fuel costs. They are easy to clean, resist deformation, chemicals and harsh road environments.

Our expertise in composites and manufacturing technologies create design freedom for transportation engineers. We design and manufacture the largest and most complex profiles on the market. We economically design and produce geometric shapes that are traditionally not possible or cost effective with metal alternatives. This reduces joints, seams and time needed to install the component in the vehicle.

Our carbon fiber, fiberglass and hybrid composite profile solutions are used both internally and externally on the vehicle. Our body part components adhere to the vehicle’s metal frame or bonded to the body and are easy to paint. We can supply the components ready to install as a kit.

Typical internal uses include:

  • Fixed and removable covers
  • Duct work
  • Ceiling panels
  • Floor panels
  • Side walls and panels
  • Luggage racks and systems

Typical external uses include:

  • Cant rails and extensions
  • Skirts
  • Panels
  • Door panels
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