Exel Antenna radomes and Tubes

Exel Antenna Radomes and Tubes

An antenna cover must provide protection of the antenna from the environment, without impairing its ability to operate radio waves. For modern antennas the cover must also carry mechanical loads.

The excellent electromagnetic properties and mechanical strength of glass fibre composites is the perfect choice. Exel produce antenna profiles and tubes utilizing both pultrusion and pullwinding methods, achieving lightweight, strong and stiff antenna covers.


  • GSM and UMTS antennas and other new advanced antenna solutions
  • Sector and Omni-antennas
  • Antenna tubes (cylindric and conical tubes)
  • Flat profiles and solid rods for tilt rods
  • Machining facilities, e.g. drilling
  • Post treatment and marking

Important Properties include:

  • Excellent electromagnetic properties 
  • Low thermal sensitivity
  • High strength and stiffness
  • Low weight
  • Good resistance to weathering and UV
  • Excellent surface quality
  • Low maintenance 
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