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Sport Shafts

Exel has a long experience of manufacturing a wide range of sport shafts used for example in XC ski poles, Nordic Walking poles, alpine poles, trekking poles and for in-line skating poles. Exel is today also the leading sport shaft producer for floorball sticks. Other team sport shafts are possible upon request. Exel shaft range has products for all levels of each of these sports and are excellently suited up to the highest levels with countless World Championships and Olympic medals to back this up.

The technologies used are Co-winding and pull-winding which are cost effective continuous processes. A wide range of material combinations and structures are available based on glass, carbon and other fibers. All shafts are being produced with special epoxy resin systems to meet required mechanical properties.

  • Wide range of tube structures.
  • Wide selection of material (fibers and resin systems) for optimum performance
  • Excellent design know how in ski pole and floor ball applications
  • Continuous production processes producing constant quality (ISO 9001 certified quality system)
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