Exel insulating composite profiles and tubes for electrical industry


Exel Composites supplies a wide range of composite solutions for electrical industry. Material properties – like insulation – and production methods are selected based on customer requirements.

These superior properties can be utilized in many application areas with high demands for insulation, e.g. in insulators and arresters, transformers and generators.

Exel Composites’ Glassfibre Reinforced Plastic (GFRP) tubes and profiles are naturally isolative and widely used in non-live working and live working electric tool products, like voltage detector poles, earthing poles and insulation poles (e.g. manoeuvring sticks, rescue poles, telescopic poles, fuse disconnecting poles).

Insulated Rail Joint System is used as part of the signaling system in several countries and Exel is the market leader in full composite joint systems. Exel joints have highest possible electrical insulation properties, high mechanical strength. Fatigue resistance is far above the fatigue properties of metals.

Composite insulators consist of an FRP core, a cover and shades made of silicone and 2 metal fittings pressed on the core. Such rods are exclusively manufactured under utilization of boron-free ECR-Rovings and epoxy resin.

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