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Composite Toolhandles

Our portfolio of both fixed length and telescoping tool handles provide a wide range of solutions for many of today’s tool handle needs. From the everyday fiberglass mop handle to light weight carbon fiber microphone booms, composite tool handles offer long-lasting choices.

Fiberglass composite handles offer durability and resistance to corrosion and heavy daily use while remaining light weight and stiff, yet with enough flex for comfort. With a choice of surface finishes and colors, you also order with custom printing included, such as your logo or text.

We offer a range of standard sized handles and telescoping poles, in a range of diameters. If you have a custom need, please contact us for a quote. Our standard selection includes fiberglass, carbon fiber, and a hybrid composite composed of both glass and carbon fibers.

Our tool handle portfolio includes:

 Fixed length handles

These hard-working handles combine the benefits of stiffness and strength with light weight and resistance to daily, repeated use.



Telescopic handles

Made from a choice of composites, our selection of telescoping tool handles helps you get the job done


Non-conductive handles

Used where electrical conductivity is a safety issue, our fiberglass tool handles are available in both fixed length and as telescoping poles.



Some typical application areas:

  • cleaning
  • gardening and forestry
  • maintenance (cleaning snow, painting, grinding etc.)
  • flag poles
  • boat hooks
  • microphone booms
  • tripods
  • camouflage support poles
  • camera stands
    just to mention few...



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