Exel UTILO Pultruded fiberglass structural shapes

Pultruded fibreglass structural shapes

Exel UTILO is a range of high quality GRP structural shapes that are used in structures and access systems.

The profiles are designed and manufactured to conform European Standard EN 13706, grades E17 or E23.

Exel’s GRP pultruded UTILO shapes are used as components in
- GRP platforms
- GRP ladders and stairs
- GRP handrail systems
- GRP structures, etc

Exel UTILO profiles can be supplied in a wide range of different resin types and in accordance with various fire performance standards.  

In the left you will see the structural profile range available, containing angles, box sections, flat strips, hand rails,I-beamsladder rungs, UTILO Planks,  U-channels, round tubes and toe rails.

See European Standard EN 13706

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