Exel Ski Laminates

Exel Ski Laminates

Glass fibre and carbon fibre composites are ideal materials for archery products because of their superior strength and fatigue properties. Also stiffness and weight are beneficial when designing such high tech products such as bows. Exel Composites is using an advanced continuous lamination process to produce FRP laminates for the archery applications

Exel laminates are always a combination of glass- or carbon fibres or/and fabrics and epoxy resins with various layup
alternatives, depending on the properties required. With Exel laminates you can adjust the stiffness and weight of the skis.

Your benefits:

  • improved mechanical properties and increased lifetime of skis
  • pre-cured laminates are easy to apply
  • no wrinkles and 100% correct fiber alignment
  • optimized construction
  • good stiffness and fatigue properties
  • cost effective solution
  • grinded surface gives good ahesion to other components

Exel Ski Laminates

- The most cost-effective laminate to improve your skis' stiffness

- The most cost effective way to improve your skis' stiffness and torsional properties
- Easy handling of laminates

- The lightest laminates with excellent stiffness

- Exceptional torsional properties

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