Exel Parasol Launched at Wallpaper Handmade Exhibition Space in Milan 12-16 April 2016 | Exel Composites news & events

Exel Parasol Launched at Wallpaper Handmade Exhibition Space in Milan 12-16 April 2016

Wallpaper is showcasing Exel Parasol – a solar-powered portable desk at the Salone del Mobile, one of the world’s most prestigious shows for the design and furnishing sectors.

Exel Composites’ carbon tubes will play a beautiful part in “Wallpaper Handmade Exhibition”, which takes place from 12 to 16 April 2016. Exel Composites introduces a totally new concept, a portable desk with a chair, shaded by an umbrella. Exel Parasol powers up laptops and other mobile devices with solar energy. The chair, table top and shade are made of carbon fiber laminates providing a durable, yet lightweight structure with gorgeous looks.

“Solar cells are glued to the shade, which also works as an umbrella mechanism for easy transportation”, says Mr. Mikko Lassila, Sales Development Manager of Exel Composites. “Composites enable the solar panels that create the shade to be only 3 mm thick, but yet rigid.”

The telescope and the core of the desk are manufactured using Exel EXtel –tubes. “Our state of the art pull-winding technology gives them a unique appearance. At the same time it provides the cross-dimensional strength to keep everything together”, explains Mr. Lassila.

Even the joint parts of Parasol were made at Exel Composites, using a 3D printer to give full creative freedom to Mr. Ville Kokkonen, its designer.

“To me and others at Exel Composites, it has always been clear that with composites, you can create things that would be impossible using conventional materials. Parasol is a great example of this”, says Mr. Kari Loukola, SPV Sales & Marketing of Exel Composites.


For further information please contact:
Mr. Kari Loukola, SVP Sales & Marketing, Exel Composites, tel. +358 40 50 40 755, email kari.loukola@exelcomposites.com
Mr. Mikko Lassila, Sales Development Manager, Exel Composites, tel. +358 50 379 7720, email mikko.lassila@exelcomposites.com

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