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Entering Airport Fencing Market with First Contract to Slovakia


First Exel Composites Finland’s frangible fencing project is waiting for the frosty ground of Zilina Airport, Slovakia, to melt down, so that the assembly and erection of frangible fencing shall be realized in early spring 2009. Yellow fence is fitted around the earlier supplied Exel frangible masts, located on a field where e.g. tractors could damage the masts.

New Exel Airport Fencing product range, launched in 2007 at Inter Airport Münich, includes three categories according to use. Frangible fencing panels are fixed in 72mm tube posts, maximum height 2 meters with free spacing 90 mm,. Medium-duty fencing panels are fixed in 75x75mm square tube posts with 110mm spacing. Heavy-duty fencing panels are fixed in 90x150mm tube posts, spacing only 50mm. Maximum height for both medium-duty and heavy duty fencing is 2,4 m. Standard colouring in perimeter fencing is orange-white, but supplied also in other colours, e.g. dark green. Fencing around the masts is yellow or orange, depending on the mast colour. The posts are set up either in concrete or in pits, filled with gravel. Gates are available in single or double configuration.

Approach Mast is protected with fencing, e.g. when located on a field or other public area.

Frangibility evaluated with NLR
ADM 6 does not define the frangibility criteria for airport fencing. Having no clear rules, Exel contacted in 2008 NLR, the Netherlands Aerospace Laboratory to conduct a computer evaluation of the frangibility of the light weight fence. It was decided to model a scenario of a small airplane trying to land but catching the fence with a tip of the wing at the speed of 140 km/h.
(image: Finite element model of the composite fence)

The conclusions from the analysis were:

a) ICAO has no ruling on how to determine the frangibility of a fence
b) The modeled fence breaks at an impact causing only minor damage to the wing impactor
c) The impact force and energy exceed the values defined for approach masts
d) A full scale impact test is needed to validate the results of the evaluation

Exel range of airport fences satisfies the current ruling, but there is no question of the need to develop particularly the frangibility requirements and approval/rejection criteria to be more specific.

Further information:
Mr. Jaakko Martikainen, Business Development Manager, tel. +358 50 590 6755 or email jaakko.martikainen@exel.fi

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