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Exel Announces First Major Localizer Contract To Spain


Exel Composites Finland’s first installation of ICAO compliant frangible lattice mast for localizer antenna supports was realized in October 2008. Project is in Menorca Airport, Spain, contractor EMTE SISTEMAS S.A. for Aena. INP 96 S.L. is Exel’s sales agent in Spain, Madrid. Exel supplied 32 lattice masts with antenna equipment heights varying from 5,8m to 6,8m. Localizer masts are Exel’s standard 500 mm lattice masts and antenna system itself came through the contractor. Services in Exel’s airport product category include standard wind- and foundation calculation, applicable also to localizer supports. “Each ILS antenna manufacturer has their own fastening system, into which we design a suitable adapter, like in approach lighting projects”, says Jaakko Martikainen, Business Development Manager.

Exel’s lattice localizer support masts installed in Menorca Airport, Spain (October 2008)

“Latest project specifications and offer requests show that National Civil Aviation Agencies have studied the ICAO’s ADM 6, Frangibility, which clearly states that also the ILS localizers should meet the same frangibility requirements as the approach masts”, confirms Jaakko Martikainen. When height from the foundation base up to the equipment top height is over 1,2 m, also the localizer mast should be approved and tested according to ICAO standards. Exel masts meet all ICAO frangibility standards.

Exel supplied in the middle of 1990s localizer masts to few airports in the UK, but these constructions were tubular masts. However, the publication of ADM6 in 2006 launched totally new era for ILS localizer support structures. “This first project in Spain is good door-opener and reference for the future”, says Jaakko Martikainen.

ILS localizer supports, installations in mid-1990s in UK with tubular mast structure.

Further information:
Mr. Jaakko Martikainen, Business Development Manager, tel. +358 50 590 6755 or email jaakko.martikainen@exel.fi

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