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Offshore - Oil & Gas

In the exploration for new offshore oil and gas reserves it is becoming necessary to drill in much deeper areas. This necessitates the requirement for the rig support tethers to combine low weight, high strength and stiffness as they increase in length.

An obvious solution is to replace conventional steel tethers with multi strand carbon fibre tethers, typically combining up to 100 carbon fibre rods of 6mm diameter. The use of carbon fibre rods or profiles in Umbilical control cables is now a viable way to help support their load, with the result that these umbilicals can be lighter and thinner.

Compared to traditional materials used in offshore, low weight of composites mean considerably lower installation costs and high corrosion resistance makes composites a maintenance free solution in corroding environments. 

Should you have involvement in any of the above industries, or new energy forms which you consider could benefit from the incorporation of composite profiles please contact Exel for more information.

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