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Train and tram profiles

We design and manufacture a wide range of composite parts for transportation customers around the world.


Composites reduce overall weight compared to metal products, and provide the mechanical strength and stiffness demanded, and also reduce part count by integrating multiple functions into a single part. This design flexibility provides transportation engineers with opportunities to create and realize new designs in a cost efficient way.


Our composites help reduce life time maintenance costs. They withstand exposure to salt and harsh rail conditions, while resisting dents. They do no rust or corrode for a longer operational life. They are electrical insulators and contribute to fire safety.


Outer body and interior parts

Our composite parts and profiles are used both externally an internally on rolling stock.

We are able to manufacture outer body parts (such as panels) in widths greater than one meter with very long lengths that reduce seams and joints. The panels may be bound to the vehicle’s metal frame, and are easy to paint.

Interior parts include roof systems, air conditioning ducts, and heating vents.


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