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Paddle Shafts

Glass fiber and carbon composites are ideal materials for paddle shafts because of their superior stiffness, high strength and low weight. Experienced design plus the additional benefits of warm to touch feel of the material and possibility for ergonomic shapes makes Exel composite tubes an unbeatable choice for paddle shafts.

Exel has several technologies to produce shaft tubes: Pullwinding, Co-winding and Prepreg wrapping.

Depending on performance requirements we can design the shaft structure based on carbon-, glass- or carbon/glass hybrid continuous fibers or fabrics.

The Exel composite shafts are for example being used for whitewater and touring paddles for kayaks, canoe and raft paddles, single blade paddles and racing paddles.

  • Straight shaft tubes with glass fiber, carbon fiber or hybrid
  • Conical shaped shafts with glass and carbon structures
  • Oval shaped shafts 
  • Special shapes based on prepreg structures
  • Excellent strength and stiffness
  • Low weight
  • High durability
  • Warm to touch feel
  • Ergonomic shapes
  • Wide range of composite structures are possible.
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