Exel tubes for non-live and live working applications

Exel Hollow and Foam-filled Tubes for non-live Working and live working Applications

Exel Composites produces high quality glassfibre pullwound tubes and hollow profiles with very good surface finish. Exel tubes have a high glass content and do not incorporate fillers, which ensures excellent insulation and low water absorption characteristics for electrical applications.

Exel Composites’ Glassfibre Reinforced Plastic (GFRP) tubes and profiles are naturally isolative and widely used in non-live working and live working electric tool products, like voltage detector poles, earthing poles and insulation poles (e.g. manoeuvring sticks, rescue poles, telescopic poles, fuse disconnecting poles). 

Exel's pullwinding process ensures manufacturing of constant quality tubes, complying with several electrical standards, e.g.EN61230, EN61235, EN62193 and IEC60855.
Same high quality requirements apply to other insulation applications in electric industry, e.g. contact line suspension.

Key advantages of Exel pullwound tubes:

- Superior electrical insulation properties
- Low water absorption 
- High quality surface finish
- Cost-effective continous manufacturing method
- Excellent corrosion and chemical resistance
- Compliant with live working requirements
- EN61235
- IEC60855-1
- Good temperature resistance also in low temperatures (–50ºC)
- Exceptional strength and toughness compared to weight

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