Exel Insulation Rings and Tubes

Exel Insulation Rings and Tubes

Exel Composites produces composite solutions for demanding industrial applications. Our products are based on epoxy systems reinforced with E-glass, carbon and other fibres.

Exel Composites has
•  Extensive knowledge of winding technologies
•  Design capabilities based on 50 years experience in composites
•  Excellent knowledge of chemistry and composite structures
•  Machining capabilities to meet customer’s demands

Exel has developed a range of composite insulating rings and tubes
and support components for the insulation of generators, electrical
motors and hydropower turbines.
Typical applications include:

•  Insulation rings for power generators
•  Insulation rings for electrical motors
•  Insulation of hydro power turbines
•  Insulation of bearing systems
•  Insulation of switches
•  Insulation tubes for various applications
•  Support rings for rotor and motor components

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