Exel Window and Door Profiles

Window and door composite profiles


We pioneer new possibilities in composite window and door profiles, from window frames and sashes to door frames and sills and structural panels.


Our composites and manufacturing expertise offer you the design freedom to innovate new window and door profiles with great material properties.


We deliver solutions for new construction and renovations, for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.


Three reasons to choose composites

  1. High thermal insulation. Most metals will conduct heat or cold and have poor insulation values. Our fiberglass composites do not conduct heat or cold, and offer high thermal insulation. This helps you design a window with a lower U-factor/U-value.
  2. High strength. Both fiberglass and carbon fiber are high tensile strength materials. This means you can design narrower window and door components, and even increase window pane sizes, and withstand higher wind loads.
  3. Chemical, corrosion and UV resistant. Our composites resist many of the environmental factors that increase maintenance costs, compared to metal components.

Our composites are also thermally stable with a very low coefficient of thermal expansion, perfect for very hot or cold environments.


Composites also help absorb sound for quieter buildings.


Electromagnetically transparent solutions


Today, many new window glass coatings block electromagnetic waves, our composites that are electromagnetically transparent help alleviate this problem.


Our manufacturing, your design


Many commercial buildings require custom window designs; we work with you throughout the design, planning, and installation of the products.


Our composites experts can recommend optimal solutions based on your requirement.


Our pultrusion manufacturing processes and manufacturing expertise help you realize your custom designs.


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Window and door composite portfolio


No matter what your window or door profile need is, we are happy to talk with you to help explain how we can help.


The most common products we manufacture are:

  • Window sashes, frames, and mullions
  • Door frames
  • Door and sliding door sills
  • Door frame profiles
  • Door internal stiffener profiles
  • External parts for wood windows
  • Insulating cores for metal windows and doors
  • Internal profiles for fire safety doors
  • Industrial door frames
  • Refrigerated door frames and panel caps
  • Thermal breaks
  • Thermally insulating stiffeners for pvc profiles


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