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Composite solutions for the building, construction & infrastructure

Composites are a versatile solution to many of today’s building and construction challenges.

Lighter than similar metal components and resistant to corrosion, composites are also thermally stable, and can provide both electrical and thermal insulation.

We fabricate cost-effective composite solutions that provide everyday function while at the same time stimulate building design possibilities.

You can find our solutions used

Throughout buildings

In construction

in infrastructure applications

We inspire design freedom

Our expertise in composites and manufacturing technologies create design freedom for architects and engineers.
We design and manufacturer the largest and most complex profiles on the market. We can economically manufacturer geometric shapes that are traditionally not possible or cost effective with metal alternatives.
This reduces joints, seams and time needed to install the products and that gives designers and architects ideas and inspiration.

Pioneering composite possibilities

With over 50 years’ experience in composite technology, we understand the unique material properties that the combination of different fibers and resins may yield.

Together with our customers, we design, manufacturer and deliver cost efficient composite solutions that provide the strength, durability, and desired mechanical properties needed for a wide range of building, construction and infrastructure projects.

We specialize in pultrusion and pullwinding production technologies, as well as continuous lamination processes for thin sheets, and reinforce with a variety of fibers, such as glass, carbon, and natural fibers. We use polyester, vinylester, epoxy, and polyurethane resins.


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