Market environment

Market environment


Exel Composites operates worldwide in the composites market, serving customers in three different customer segments:

Industrial Applications



Construction & Infrastructure


Other Applications

Building, construction and infrastructure Energy
Cleaning &
Sports &


The composites market represents about 0.5% of the total materials market globally and can further be divided according to the different production technologies. Pultrusion is one of the most common manufacturing technologies and represents about 13% of the composites market.  It is also the most important production technology utilized by Exel in addition to pullwinding, co-winding and continuous lamination. The size of the pultrusion market, was estimated to around two billion USD in 2016.

Global materials market 2016

Global pultrusion market 2016



Growth drivers

The annual growth rate of the composites market is estimated at 4.6% over the next few years, out of which 60% is expected from Asia. Global megatrends such as urbanization, demographic change, sustainability and total life cycle cost management drive growth for composites in the long-term. For example:

  • Increased energy efficiency requirements especially within the transportation industry
  • Escalating need for anti-corrosive applications
  • Greater focus on life cycle costs and durability of end products for example in the construction industry
  • Increasing demands on telecommunication networks due to digitalization

Market share

The composites market is very fragmented with several specialized niche companies that often operate locally. Exel Composites has historically grown through acquisitions to become a comparably a large and worldwide player with leading and established market positions. The acquisition of DSC in 2018 made Exel Composites the only pultrusion company with significant presence on all three major continents.

Exel Composites’ customer base is wide-spread over several segments and markets, which means that also its competitors are found within specific segments and markets rather than across. Some of the main competitors include for example Fiberline from Denmark, Epsilon from France as well as Creative Pultrusion and Strongwell in the United States.


Source: JEC Group


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