Exel Composites in brief

Exel Composites in brief


Exel Composites, a global technology company headquartered in Finland, is the world’s largest manufacturer of pultruded and pull-wound composite products.

The company works closely together with its customers to design and manufacture composite products using carbon fiber, fiberglass and other high performance materials. The qualities of composites help reduce weight, improve performance, and decrease total life cycle costs, all while helping increase energy efficiencies and supporting environmental sustainability.

Exel Composites has a global sales, R&D and manufacturing footprint that serves customers across a broad range of industries. Exel identifies three customer segments: 1) Industrial Applications, which comprises telecommunication, paper, electrical, machine and transportation customer industries, 2) Construction & Infrastructure, which comprises building, construction and infrastructure as well as energy customer industries including wind power, and 3) Other Applications, which comprises cleaning and maintenance, sports and leisure as well as other industries. Our customers are typically original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s), system integrators or distributors. Often the products produced by Exel are components that form a part of a customer’s end product. The product portfolio includes for example profiles, tubes and laminates, which are typically customer tailored. Exel also produces some complete end products and systems.

A high level of technology plays a major role in the company’s operations and the company has already 60 years of composites experience. Exel’s core expertise lies in chemistry, materials science as well as cost-efficient and repeatable manufacturing processes. The main manufacturing technology utilized by Exel is pultrusion, where resin-impregnated fibers are pulled through a mold and hardened with heat. Other most important methods include pullwinding, which is a combination of pultrusion and filament winding, as well as continuous lamination. In all these technologies production is continuous and the product gets its final shape in a mold. The final products are cut to a specified length or wound on a roll at the end of the production line. These manufacturing technologies are applicable to any shapes from poles and tubes to profiles with complex shapes and cavities. Exel also has further processing capabilities to supply complete composite solutions including machining and coating. The company’s strategy includes expanding into new and growing production technologies. The company also wants to expand into new and growing applications where composite materials can be used and where their unique characteristics are beneficial.

Exel Composites’ global supply chain sources its raw materials from multiple sources from various countries and continents. The main raw material categories are fiber reinforcements and matrix systems. Fiber reinforcements typically are carbon fiber and fiberglass. Matrix systems include for example polyester, epoxy and vinyl ester resins.

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