The Pultrusion prosess | Exel Composites


Pultrusion is a continuous manufacturing process for composite profiles. We utilize continuous fibres as the major reinforcement in our pultrusion process. Different resin systems are used to gain the final desired properties.

Flexibility in design and various material combinations are the main advantages with pultrusion technology. The structural possibilities are almost unlimited.

In pultrusion process the fibers are impregnated with a thermosetting resin and pulled through a heated die where curing takes place. Different laminate lay-ups are possible with reinforcements of mats, fabrics and multiaxials. The finished profiles are cut to length by a saw at the end of the line.


  1. Reinforcements
  2. Pultrusion die
  3. Pulling unit
  4. Sawing unit


Watch the pultrusion process video produced by EPTA

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