Continuous lamination|

Continuous Lamination

Continuous Lamination process starts with the impregnation of the reinforcement fibres and fabrics. The reinforcements most commonly used are UD glass and carbon fibres, glass and carbon fabrics. Also other fibres can be used.

Maximum width is 1220 mm and thickness range from 0,3 mm up to 1,1 mm.

Exel is using special epoxy resin system in order to get maximum performance for the Laminates. The impregnated reinforcements are then guided through pressing and guiding rolls and the desired composite lay-up is formed.

The structure consists of several reinforcement layers depending on strength, stiffness and other required properties.
Also special surface material can be used such as printed paper, decorative fabrics etc.

Curing of the Laminate is made at elevated temperature and pressure to get the final dimensions and mechanical properties.

The thickness of the laminate is constantly monitored during the process. The thickness tolerance of the laminate is +/- 0,05 mm.
The next process steps are sanding and cutting of the laminates to the required dimensions.

The Laminates can easily painted or lacquered to get special effects and UV resistant decorative surfaces.

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