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Pultrusion technology

Pultrusion is a continuous manufacturing process for composite profiles. Flexibility in design and various material combinations are the main advantages with pultrusion technology. The structural possibilities are almost unlimited. Structures for transportation, trains, busses, trucks, energy industry, wind mills, buildings...



Global pultrusion partner for wind energy

Exel is the only truly global supplier of pultruded composites for the wind energy industry. With manufacturing plants across Europe, Asia and North America and more than 20 years of experience in the wind sector, we work side-by-side with turbine manufacturers to pioneer composite solutions.



For over half a century composites have been our passion.

We believe composites are the right solution to help increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve sustainability. Around the world, we see a growing demand for lighter, stronger, and longer-lasting solutions.
Today, we experience composites all around our daily lives.
Composites can be used in numerous industrial, commercial, residential and consumer applications

50 Years of Innovative Composite Solutions

Exel Composites offers 50 years of expertise in the design and manufacture of innovative composite solutions to meet the most challenging of industrial applications. Our lightweight, high performance glass and carbon fibre components are employed in the wind energy, telecommunications, building and construction, transportation, machine building, electrical and numerous other markets. Exel's composite technologies deliver superior mechanical performance combined with lower manufacturing costs

New Possibilities for the Transportation Industry  

Composite materials enable operators of rail and road transportation to improve energy efficiency and lower total cost of ownership. Exel Composites has designed innovative composite solutions for the transportation industry for more than 25 years. We pioneer new design concepts which deliver the optimum combination of weight, cost, performance and safety.

Exel Composites new frangible carbon composite GP-Tower

Airport environment has numerous needs where frangibility, low mass, rigidity, transparency to electromagnetic signals and minimum maintenance are features of high value. With more than 15 years of experience at airports Exel can satisfy these needs with composite structures, poles, lattice masts, fences etc. Have a look at our video or contact us for more information!

Exel Composites Safety Support Structures for Airports

We provide a complete range offrangible safety support structures for airports. This tested, ICAO and FAA ruling compliant frangibility is achieved by use of lightweigth materials that enable the object to break, distort or yield under impact.

Investor Relations videos

Reviews and interviews to President and CEO Riku Kytömäki

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