Exel Archery Laminates and Limbs

Glass fibre and carbon fibre composites are ideal materials for archery products because of their superior strength and fatigue properties. Also stiffness and weight are beneficial when designing such high tech products such as bows. Exel Composites is using an advanced continuous lamination process to produce FRP laminates for the archery applications

Depending on performance requirements we can design the laminate structure based on carbon-, glass– or carbon/glass hybrid continuous fibres or fabrics. Other fibres are also possible. In all archery laminates Exel Composites is using special epoxy resin systems giving the best possible mechanical properties for the products.

Exel Archery Laminates


Transparent Laminate   U1-Transparent-OSG 1.00 mm  
Black Laminate  R1-200-P-Black 1.00 mm
White Laminate  R1-200-P-White 1.00 mm
100 % Carbon Laminate  CUG1-Full-Carbon-OSG 0.50 mm
50 % Carbon laminate  CU1-Carbon-Archery-Black-OSG 0.70 mm
±45° Laminate  XU1-460-OSG 0.85 mm


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