Fibre reinforced Laminates

Exel designs and produces a wide range of special fibre reinforced laminates, which are used in both sporting goods and industrial applications. The laminates generally combine glass fibre rovings or fabrics, for high strength, with a special epoxy resin system, which is used for maximum adhesion. The fibres can be in various directions depending on customer requirements:- lengthwise, partly 900 or /-450 for high torsional strength and stiffness. Carbon fibres can also be included to give improved strength and stiffness properties.


  • Excellent specific strength (strength / weight ratio)
  • Wide range of fibres and reinforcement structures are available to achieve high stiffness, strength and torsion properties
  • Corrosion and water resistant
  • Special surface choices with printed papers (e.g. wood imitations), non-wovens or fabrics
  • Good adhesion properties
  • The usage of laminate in wood construction will minimize the effect of moisture absorption.
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