Exel Composites partners with Eze Shoring to develop lightweight solution for global construction industry

19.12.2017 06:00 EET


EXEL COMPOSITES PLC           PRESS RELEASE            19 DECEMBER 2017 at 06:00 EET

Exel Composites' pultrusion expertise and global manufacturing capabilities have enabled UK company Eze Shoring Ltd to realise its new lightweight, easy to use trench shoring concept for the construction industry.

Trench cave-ins present a significant danger to workers on a construction site. Shoring is the process of bracing the trench walls to prevent collapse. Based on 30 years of experience working in the construction industry, Glenn Wood, Managing Director of Eze Shoring Ltd and inventor of the new composites concept, recognised that the heavy, complex steel shoring equipment currently in use was in urgent need of improvement. Feedback on his lightweight, simplified composite prototype was highly positive but in order to offer a competitively priced product to the market a cost effective, high volume manufacturing technology was essential. As a world leader in pultrusion technology, with a global presence, Exel Composites was the perfect manufacturing partner.

Following two years of close collaboration with  David Val, Business Development Manager, and the Exel design and engineering team, Eze Shoring is now set to introduce its concept worldwide. The versatile Eze Shoring concept consists of four individual glass fibre reinforced  high performance pultruded composite profiles and offers a completely new option for the construction industry:

• lightweight for ease of transport and handling
• easy to assemble – no interlocking parts, pins, clips or hydraulics; and
• 100% non-conductive, a major benefit when working near electricity cables. 

Eze Shoring recently signed a substantial Heads of Terms deal with a large global distributor of construction equipment. "Bringing this product to market has been a massive challenge which would not be possible without the expertise of the Exel team," notes Glenn Wood. "Exel's commitment to the development of this product has been phenomenal. With Eze Shoring's global product, Exel Composites' global support and presence, and a global distribution partner, we now have the perfect partnership for success."

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