Innovations for the city of the future

6.6.2017 10:10 EET



Smart cities are on their way, but they will need a new digital infrastructure and high-capacity networks to meet growing needs for data transmission.
Exel Composites is part of an ambitious three-year initiative aimed at developing enablers for the future smart city. The LuxTurrim5G project will make big data capacity available for businesses and the public through a network of smart light poles. As well as providing energy-efficient street lighting, the composite poles with integrated antennas and base stations will create a high-capacity 5G data transmission network. They will also incorporate sensors, information displays, security cameras and other devices to provide a variety of other functions and services. A pilot project will commence in the Finnish city of Espoo later this year.

Exel is a leading manufacturer of composite antenna radomes and structures for GSM, 3G and 4G base stations and we also bring to this project many years of experience in designing poles for airport approach lighting systems and other specialized applications.  In developing this new generation of smart city infrastructure we strengthen our position as an innovator in the telecommunications sector, where we have been delivering winning composites solutions to our customers for many years.

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Versatile laminates for stiffness

Exel Composites designs and manufactures a wide range of composite laminates for the sports and industrial markets. Typically employed in structures where additional strength is needed at the lowest weight, our laminates are designed according to each customer's requirements.

By varying fiber type, fiber orientation and laminate thickness we ensure the optimized structure for each application.  We use glass and carbon fiber to deliver strength and stiffness and epoxy resins to ensure best performance from the fibres.
Exel laminates deliver the optimal mechanical properties for high performance sports equipment such as skis, snowboards, skateboards and archery bows. In the transportation market, our laminates are widely used to reinforce floor structures in trucks, trains and ships, where they enable weight savings and increased load carrying capacity. In the building sector laminates are incorporated into sandwich panels to impart stiffness and strength to wall and door structures.
Combining superior electrical insulation properties with excellent corrosion resistance, glass fiber laminates are employed as insulation solutions. Examples include insulation rings for power generators and electrical motors and insulated rail joint structures for railway signaling systems.

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Carbon tubes- Big and small

At the Exel Webstore you will find the largest portfolio of carbon fiber composite tubes, starting at outside diameters of 11.9 mm.  Unlike many other webstores, we offer very large tubes with diameters >30 mm OD, and right up to 65 mm OD.  Various lengths are available.
Our highly versatile carbon tubes are extremely strong and rigid and very lightweight.  They can be employed in numerous applications, from telescopic poles and measuring devices, to robotics, tool handles, camera tripods, audio equipment pedestals, and much more.
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A strong start of the year

Exel Composites has seen a strong start to the year and we have made further progress in the implementation of our growth strategy.

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