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19.12.2017 06:00 EET

Exel Composites partners with Eze Shoring to develop lightweight solution for global construction industry

Exel Composites' pultrusion expertise and global manufacturing capabilities have enabled UK company Eze Shoring Ltd to realise its new lightweight, easy to use trench shoring concept for the construction industry. Trench cave-ins present a significant danger to workers on a construction site. Shorin...

18.12.2017 15:00 EET

Exel Composites carbon fibre profiles deliver precision, performance and longevity at CERN

Carbon fibre components designed and manufactured by Exel Composites have successfully completed 9 years of service in a high precision application at CERN's Large Hadron Collider (LHC) particle accelerator in Geneva. As a key part of the particle tracker support structures for the LHC's Compact Muo...

25.10.2017 15:00 EET

Exel Composites' financial calendar and Annual General Meeting in 2018

Exel Composites Plc will publish the following financial reports in 2018:  ·  Financial Statements Release 2017: 16 February 2018 at approximately 9:00 EET ·  Business Review January - March: 9 May 2018 at approximately 9:00 EET ·  Half-year Financial Report January - June: 24 July 2018 at ap...

25.10.2017 09:00 EET

Exel Composites Plc’s January–September Business Review 2017: “Adjusted operating profit almost tripled in Q3 2017”

Q3 2017 in brief ·  Order intake increased by 5.9% to EUR 19.3 million (Q3 2016: 18.2). ·  Revenue increased by 24.1% to EUR 20.4 million (16.4). ·  Adjusted operating profit improved to EUR 1.6 million (0.6), which is 7.9% of revenue (3.6%). ·  Net cash flow from operating activities was E...

19.10.2017 15:45 EET

CORRECTION: Exel Composites publishes a restated Half-year Financial Report January–June 2017

Exel Composites restates its January-June Half-Year Financial Report 2017 published on 20 July 2017 due to an error in classification of interest-bearing and non-interest bearing liabilities. The correction impacts balance sheet and cash flow items presented in the table below. The restatement does ...

18.10.2017 11:00 EET

Exel Composites Plc publishes its January – September Business Review 2017 on 25 October 2017

Exel Composites Plc publishes its January – September Business Review 2017 on Wednesday 25 October 2017 at 9:00 EET. A financial results briefing for investors, analysts and journalists will be held the same day at 12:30 EET at Scandic Hotel Simonkenttä’s Roba meeting room (address Simonkatu 9, Hels...

16.10.2017 15:50 EET

Transportation: Innovative composite designs reduce weight and cost

Operators of rail and road transportation are under increasing pressure to reduce energy and fuel consumption and lower total cost of ownership. Composite materials enable new design concepts that weigh less, carry more load, last longer and require less maintenance than metals, without compromising...

5.10.2017 15:00 EET

Meet Exel Composites at BUSWORLD EUROPE 2017, 20-25 October

 ( Composites is exhibiting at leading transportation exhibition Busworld Europe 2017 in Kortrijk, Belgium, on 20-25 October. Exel's composite solutions enable bus and coach operators to improve fuel efficiency and lower ...

5.10.2017 13:00 EET

Composition of Exel Composites Plc’s Nomination Board

According to the resolution of Exel Composites’ Annual General Meeting held on 4 April 2017, the company’s shareholders’ Nomination Board consists of the representatives of the four largest shareholders and of the Chairman of the Board of Directors, acting as an expert member. The largest shareholde...

6.9.2017 09:00 EET

Exel Composites Plc’s revises its outlook for 2017

Exel Composites revises its outlook for the full year 2017 due to the continued strong development in both revenue and operating profit. The revised outlook also reflects the consolidation of the acquired Nanjing Jianhui Composite Material, JHFRP, to the Group. The revised outlook for the full year...

4.9.2017 12:25 EET

Meet us at COMPOSITES EUROPE 2017, Stuttgart, 19-21 September

Exel Composites is exhibiting at Composites Europe, the European trade fair for composites technology and applications, in Stuttgart, Germany, on 19-21 September. On Booth 6/B21, Exel Composites will demonstrate its expertise in developing high performance, lightweight structures for the building a...

23.8.2017 12:15 EET

Meet us at HUSUM Wind 2017

Exel Composites is exhibiting at HUSUM Wind 2017, the leading German wind energy trade fair, on 12-15 September.  Combining 50 years of pultrusion expertise with global, high volume manufacturing capabilities, Exel Composites is a trusted technology partner to the wind energy industry. During the e...

18.8.2017 12:35 EET

Telecommunications: Composite enablers for future smart cities

The construction market already presents a huge growth opportunity for the composites industry. But while many drivers for the increased use of composites in building – such as high strength, lightweight and design freedom – are well established, an emerging factor which will further favour their ad...

20.7.2017 10:00 EET

Exel Composites Plc’s January–June Half-year Financial Report 2017: “Significant increase in order intake, revenue and operating profit”

Q2 2017 in brief · Order intake increased by 15.5% to EUR 23.4 million (Q2 2016: 20.2). · Revenue increased by 17.4% to EUR 23.2 million (19.7). · Adjusted operating profit improved to EUR 1.7 million (1.2), which is 7.4% of revenue (5.9%). · Net cash flow from operating activities was EUR ...

7.6.2017 12:30 EET

Exel Composites Plc: Announcement regarding change in shareholdings

Exel Composites Plc has on 7 June 2017 received a disclosure under Chapter 9, Section 5 of the Finnish Securities Markets Act according to which the holding of Danske Bank A/S has exceeded 5% of the voting rights and share capital in Exel Composites Plc. Through share transactions concluded on 6 Ju...

6.6.2017 10:10 EET

Innovations for the city of the future

Smart cities are on their way, but they will need a new digital infrastructure and high-capacity networks to meet growing needs for data transmission. Exel Composites is part of an ambitious three-year initiative aimed at developing enablers for the future smart city. The LuxTurrim5G project will ma...

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