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26.4.2018 15:40 EET

The thick-wall composite tube myth

I’ve been selling composite tubes for many years and have heard this mistaken belief many times. So where does it come from? From my experience, I’ve seen the spectrum of tube wall thicknesses. In some cases thick walls are required for structural or mechanical reasons, but in other cases they resul...

1.3.2018 14:30 EET

I wanted carbon fiber, but they sold me on fiberglass instead

It’s not uncommon for a customer to ask or specify carbon fiber for a project. Many times, fiberglass is actually a better choice. We see a preconceived idea that just because fiberglass has been around for a long time that it may not be the best solution for today, that the newer carbon fiber must ...

16.10.2017 15:50 EET

Transportation: Innovative composite designs reduce weight and cost

Operators of rail and road transportation are under increasing pressure to reduce energy and fuel consumption and lower total cost of ownership. Composite materials enable new design concepts that weigh less, carry more load, last longer and require less maintenance than metals, without compromising...

18.8.2017 12:35 EET

Telecommunications: Composite enablers for future smart cities

The construction market already presents a huge growth opportunity for the composites industry. But while many drivers for the increased use of composites in building – such as high strength, lightweight and design freedom – are well established, an emerging factor which will further favour their ad...

23.5.2017 15:35 EET

CEO BLOG: A strong start to 2017

I’m pleased to report that Exel Composites has seen a strong start to the year, following challenging business conditions throughout 2016. Our first quarter results show clear improvement over the same period of last year and we have made further progress in the implementation of our growth strategy...

3.5.2017 16:00 EET

Wind Energy: Prefabricated parts reduce blade cost

Pultruded carbon fiber spar caps, supplied prefabricated and ready to install, offer wind turbine blade manufacturers opportunities to reduce production time whilst increasing quality, helping to lower the cost of electricity produced by wind energy.  Wind energy is one of the fastest growing indus...

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