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25.4.2018 14:30 EET

Exel Composites manufactures flax fibre profiles for bio-based Dutch bridge

Exel Composites has supplied 6 km of bio-based composite profiles for an innovative bio-based bridge in Bergen op Zoom, the Netherlands, the first viaduct in the world to be renovated using bio-based materials. Exel's structural profiles, manufactured using flax fibre reinforcement and bio-based res...

21.3.2018 11:00 EET

Exel Composites and CNIM collaborate on glass fibre components for world's most ambitious fusion project

Global pultrusion company Exel Composites is collaborating with French industrial contractor CNIM on the manufacture of fiberglass components for the magnet support structure of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER), the world’s largest experimental fusion facility. To satisfy ...

15.2.2018 12:00 EET

Exel Composites showcases smart, sustainable construction solutions at JEC World 2018

Global pultruder Exel Composites will highlight composite innovations designed to enable the next generation of smart, sustainable construction solutions at JEC World 2018 in Paris on 6-8 March. Smart city infrastructure On Stand Q13 in Hall 5, Exel will showcase composite laminates aimed at next g...

19.12.2017 06:00 EET

Exel Composites partners with Eze Shoring to develop lightweight solution for global construction industry

Exel Composites' pultrusion expertise and global manufacturing capabilities have enabled UK company Eze Shoring Ltd to realise its new lightweight, easy to use trench shoring concept for the construction industry. Trench cave-ins present a significant danger to workers on a construction site. Shorin...

18.12.2017 15:00 EET

Exel Composites carbon fibre profiles deliver precision, performance and longevity at CERN

Carbon fibre components designed and manufactured by Exel Composites have successfully completed 9 years of service in a high precision application at CERN's Large Hadron Collider (LHC) particle accelerator in Geneva. As a key part of the particle tracker support structures for the LHC's Compact Muo...

26.5.2017 09:00 EET

LuxTurrim5G builds the key enablers for Digital SmartCity– Exel Composites supplies composite smart light poles to 5G network

Nokia Bell Labs driven industry group builds concrete enablers for future smart city with an ambitious three-year joint project called LuxTurrim5G. This will bring big data capacity available for companies and users through a network of smart light poles which include antennas and base stations for ...

22.12.2016 16:00 EET

Australian Composite Walls ® flood defence system is being tested by Deltares, Netherlands

Australian Composite Walls  ® is a continuous, inter-locking composite wall system developed by Comtec in Australia using composite profiles by Exel Composites. The wall system is made up of sheet sections that are fixed to piles. The Australian Composite Walls  ® seawall construction gives good pro...

10.5.2016 08:30 EET

EXEL WEBSTORE 2.0 NOW OPEN - Geographical expansion with larger product portfolio

EXEL WEBSTORE 2.0 NOW OPEN Geographical expansion with larger product portfolio , , Melbourne (Australia) and Joensuu (Finland) are the new Exel production sites integrated into the Exel Webstore 2.0. With this expanded global foot...

15.4.2016 12:14 EET

Unique aesthetics and freedom in design with Exel tubes and profiles

As composites pave the way for market penetration in different applications every year, it is important that composite manufacturers keep supporting designers in their design process. In best case composites provide design freedom, aesthetics and/or properties that cannot be achieved with more conve...

14.4.2016 10:03 EET

Exel Composites To Use Clean Tech Solutions to Remove Styrene Emissions

Being an FRP (fiber-reinforced plastics) manufacturer means being a source of VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions. Exel Composites has invested considerable resources over the years in tackling VO emissions into the environment. Exel Composites wants to be a pioneer not only in composites tech...

12.4.2016 13:51 EET

Exel Parasol Launched at Wallpaper Handmade Exhibition Space in Milan 12-16 April 2016

Exel Parasol Launched at Wallpaper Handmade Exhibition Space in Milan 12-16 April 2016 Wallpaper is showcasing off the grid Exel Parasol – a solar-powered portable desk at the Salone del Mobile, one of the world’s most prestigious shows for the design and furnishing sectors. Exel Composites’ carbo...

14.3.2016 10:00 EET

Exel Composites Launches Composite Doorsills with Belgian Blue Hardstone Look

Exel Composites and the Dutch window and door manufacturer Venster Techniek have developed a composite doorsill with a Belgian blue hardstone look. “Venster Techniek turned to us to find a solution for their Flemish-speaking market to replace traditional bluestone doorsills with a more energy-effici...

8.3.2016 19:34 EET

Exel Composites wins JEC World 2016 Innovation Award

Exel Composites has won the JEC World 2016 Innovation Award in the Infrastructures category. The winning application is a frangible carbon composite glide path tower (GP tower) for instrumental landing system. Exel Composites is a pioneer in the development and manufacturing of airport products. E...

9.2.2016 09:53 EET

Lightweight, durable 3D Roof Structures with Exel Composites Tubes

Lightweight, durable 3D Roof Structures with Exel Composites Tubes Exel Composites, one of the world’s leading composite solutions manufacturers, has developed an innovative 3D roof structure application together with the award-winning, Australia-based PT Architectural Technology. Exel Composites ...

26.11.2015 13:08 EET

Exel Composites joins Cleantech Finland -network

Exel Composites has joined Cleantech Finland, an organization promoting clean technology. Exel Composites’ membership supports the company’s target to develop lighter, more durable and energy efficient and thus more environmentally friendly products and solutions. Cleantech Finland is a network of...

20.4.2015 09:34 EET

Exel Composites to co-operate with Better Shelter to provide temporary shelters to refugee families via UNHCR

Exel Composites has been selected as a partner in a venture aiming at improving the life of refugees by providing safe and functional temporary shelters. The UNHCR (the UN Refugee Agency) has placed an order of 10,000 shelters with the social enterprise Better Shelter. The unique collaboration bet...

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