Production plants and technologies


Exel Composites has production in seven countries. The technologies used by Exel Composites are pultrusion, pull-winding and co-winding. Other production methods include continuous lamination and extrusion.

Most of the pultrusion technologies have been developed by Exel Composites and their benefits are continuous production, infinite possibility to vary the product structure and the controllability of fibre structure during the different stages of the process. These features guarantee unvarying top quality of the product range.



Pultrusion refers to pulling plastic raw material through a preformer. This production method is particularly suitable for tubes, profiles etc. reinforced with continuous fibres, involving pulling of impregnated fibers via preformers providing the form as, simultaneously, the plastic is hardened with heat (thermoset) or cooled until solid (thermoplast).



Pullwinding is a combination of pultrusion and filament winding allowing for the manufacture of thin-walled tubes and profiles.


Conical products, such as cross-country ski poles, can be produced with the Co-winding production method. In Co-winding multi-layer winding of fibers allows for an optimal strength of the product.

Other methods

Continuous lamination is used to manufacture very thin composite sheets for example for the ski industry.

Extrusion is a manufacturing process where a material is pushed and/or drawn through a die to create long objects of a fixed cross-section. Extrusion is used to manufacture ski and snowboard bases.

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