Frangible Masts and Towers for Approach Lighting

Exel masts are full scale impact tested to verify compatibility with ICAO's frangibility requirements as specified in ANNEX 14 Volume I and Aerodrome Design Manual, Part 6, Frangibility.

  • Upon impact, the tower may fragment into several components. The mass of these components and their manner of release should not cause a secondary hazard to the aircraft (e.g. enter through the windscreen, fuselage, tail surfaces).

Exel masts have also passed the entire test programme according to the requirements of the US Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) AC 150-5345-45C, and they appear on the Certified Equipment and Manufacturers List of the FAA.

ICAO defines furthermore the operational and testing requirements:

  • A frangible structure should be designed to withstand the static and operational wind or jet blast loads with a suitable factor of safety but should
  • brake, distort or yield when subjected to the sudden collision forces of a 3000-kg aircraft airborne and travelling at 140 km/h (75 kt) or moving on the ground at 50 km/h (27 kt).

ICAO recommends dynamic tests for verification of frangibility of navigational aids having an overall height in excess of 1.2 m and located in positions where they are likely to be impacted by an aircraft in flight.

Product range:

  • poles for single lights
  • lattice masts for single and multiple lights
  • extra tall lattice masts up to 35 m
  • standard colours Aviation Yellow, FAA-orange
  • scope of supply is complete from foundation bolts to cable way up to luminaires

Main advatages:

  • fully compliant with ICAO and FAA requirements
  • project design support, foundation load calculations, pre-installation instructions
  • straight forward installation, detailed manual included
  • UV-protected, long service life
  • tiltable from the base or mid height, quick and easy maintenance of luminaires
  • practically maintenance free
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