Airport Fencing

ANNEX 14 describes the intended function of airport fencing is to prevent entrance of unauthorized persons:

  • onto non-public areas of the aerodrome
  • into ground installations and facilities that are essential for the safety of civil aviation and are located outside of the aerodrome.

Fencing should also be provided to prevent the entrance into the movement area by animals large enough to be a hazard to aircraft.

ADM6 stipulates that:

  • a lightweight frangible fence should be installed when located between frangible approach lighting towers or when located to protect the ILS critical and sensitive areas against unlawful interference.

Frangible Exel fencing:

  • available for airport perimeter or individual ground installations
  • transparent to electro-magnetic signals
  • does not interfere with ILS or MLS systems
  • available in standard heights of 2,0 m or 2,5 m, with different spacing and colouring
  • difficult to climb due to absence of cross bars in the panels and the sharp
  • saw-toothed top
  • designed and tested to withstand jet blasts
  • UV-resistant and non-corrodible
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