Our high quality composite products are designed for hard work and long life. Manufactured to meet our highest quality control processes, we continually develop our engineering and manufacturing technology to ensure your satisfaction.


We specialize in pultrusion, pullwinding and continuous lamination manufacturing using carbon fiber, fiberglass and other hybrid composites.


We offer a wide range of composite profiles manufactured with carbon fiber, fiberglass, or hybrid composites. Need a custom profile? No problem. We routinely design and manufacture custom profiles for clients around the world.


We offer the largest portfolio of thin-wall carbon fiber, fiberglass and hybrid composite tubes. Our selection includes round, conical, profiles and pre-impregnated (prepreg) tubes, from 3 mm to 300 mm (outside diameter) as standard. Need a larger or custom size? Let us know!


Composite laminates for archery and skiing offer strength and flexibility. Our long lasting floor and wall laminates offer transportation customers strong and durable surfaces combined with weight savings. Looking for something special? We also do custom laminates.


We offer a wide range of ready-to-use solutions that include telescopic poles, handles, and composite poles and connectors we call System 30 that you can select from to easily build your own frames and structures.
Our frangible airport structures include lattice masts, poles and fences.

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Exel Composites manufactures the products by continuous manufacturing technologies: pultrusion, pullwinding and continuous lamination. We offer a wide product range from standard shapes and ready solutions to most challenging customer tailored solutions

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