Environment and safety

Exel Composites Group's Austrian, Belgian, British, Chinese and Finnish units have an ISO 14001 environmental certificate. The procedures of the certified environmental management system are used as blueprint in the implementation of the system at the other sites. The long-term target is to have all the units of the Group certified.


By March 2017 Exel Composites’ units in Austria, Belgium, China (excluding Nanjing Jianhui Composite Material, which was acquired in April 2017), Finland, Germany and UK have been awarded OHSAS 18001 Safety Management System Standard.

Significant environmental aspects and risks have been assessed in all the units of the Group. The Group's environmental program is based on the identified risks and legislative requirements. Environmental monitoring and measuring are carried out at most of the sites. Regular audits and follow-up are an important part of measuring progresses in continuous improvement.

The occupational and safety issues are an integral part of management and the performance is measured by indicators. The core of Exel Composites' safety efforts lies on preventive measures such as risk assessment, safety training as well as internal and external evaluations. All the sites of the Group have a safety organization with defined responsibilities.

Exel Composites continues to remain vigilant to ensure our site operations are aware of all local and regional controls. A safe environment for our employees and neighbors is a priority at Exel Composites.

Exel Composites plays a leading role in industry associations such as EuCIA (European Composites Industry Association). This helps us stay at the leading edge of awareness of the latest developments in environmental matters including advances in environmental technology and new regulatory measures.

Exel Composites is committed to re-using composite wastes. Where logistically possible, composite waste goes to recycling. The Company is an active participant in programs to develop composite recycling where it is currently not possible, as well as an end-user of existing composite recycling solutions like CompoCycle.

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