Information on General Meetings to shareholders


An invitation to a General Meeting must be delivered to shareholders at the earliest two months and at the latest three (3) weeks before the meeting, however, at the latest nine (9) days before the record date of the Meeting by publishing the invitation on the Company’s website or dispatching it to each shareholder by registered mail to the address entered in the shareholders’ register or otherwise verifiably in writing.
Candidates for the Board of Directors proposed for election by the Nomination Committee are disclosed in the AGM notice, provided that the candidates have given their consent for their election. In addition, other candidates proposed to the Board who are supported by at least 10 per cent of the holders of the shares of the Company and who have given their consent for their election, shall be disclosed in the AGM invitation. The candidates proposed after the delivery of the AGM invitation are disclosed separately. In addition, the proposal for the election of the external auditor proposed by the Board or shareholders with at least 10 per cent of the votes carried by the company shares is disclosed in the notice of the GM.
The Board’s proposals to the General Meeting, as well as the required financial information will be available for the shareholders at least three weeks prior to the General Meeting on the Company’s website. In compliance with the Corporate Governance Code recommendation 1, the minutes of the GM including the voting results and the appendices of the minutes that are part of a decision made by the meeting, will be posted on the Company's website within two weeks of the GM.

Attendance of shareholders

In order to participate in the General Meeting, a shareholder must so inform the Company at the latest on the date stated in the invitation to the Meeting, which cannot be more than ten days before the Meeting.
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